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@squirrel​ Escorts GNU/Social Out of the Realm of the Faeries

(Caption courtesy of @noelle)


A cadre of #fediversians brave the icy waters in order to save others from vitriolic social media.


#Mastodon celebrates with Doug Jones in his victory over that other guy.

( I would prefer to stay away from -sensitive- issues so this is going to be a ONE-OFF *Special Edition* 🙂 )

@kellerfuchs​ reminds everyone that sometimes privacy, and identity are simultaneously important. displays his mastery of the #rust programming language


Localghost-Onstage.png​ makes an unexpected appearance during a stage production of Hamlet.


@banjofox​ broods over his own lack of progress.


A User Forsakes Traditional ISPs for @SuricrasiaOnline

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cwebber_activitypub​ presents #ActivityPub to the W3C

Banjo_learns​ learns the importance of restraint.