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Monthly Archives: February 2010

I think it is about time that I got back on the train of bitterness for a spell. Or even perhaps for just a fraction of this post. Yes %100 can count as a fraction. It is 1/1 get used to the idea 😛

My day at work started off pretty much… well lets face it. My day started off on a bad foot. I almost forgot to wake up having not set my alarm the previous night and then there was the usual rushing about at a mosey to get ready for work. Replacing a real breakfast with a glass of chocolate milk (Ovaltine because it is unnaturally fortified with about 20% of my daily nutrients), as usual and knowing that I had apples to munch on once I rolled into the office.

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To be honest,

I have no idea where today’s blog post is going to go! Sure I have ideas, hence my reason for writing. Well that and -someone- reminded me that I have been neglecting my blogging duties. Again. Fear not, I will think of something. Rather more to the point I will keep typing until I feel interested in getting to the moral of the story. So there 😛 Always expect something interesting I guess. Maybe even the most raendom of tyops just to trick the mind into thinking that all is well with the world. Now that would be an interesting day my friends.

Alas, I digress. Again.

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Unfortunately dear readers, it seems as though I have managed to forget the subject of my original blog post. Of course, should I choose, I could always think really really hard about a very hate-inspiring topic, but today just is not that kind of day. I don’t -feel- it.

Believe me, a cynical blog post without passion is not good reading.

Well, perhaps I will be of better mind for writing properly tomorrow.

Sorry all,


Could it really be? Yes… it is! A double post day!

Well not really I lied, almost. This post is to preface my next real post/rant which will likely happen, well, tomorrow.
I have discovered the “More” tag. A wonderful thing. So yes, now you will no longer be forced to read entire rants.
No I will not include excerpts or tags, because I just do not care that much… yet.

but believe me. if you want to post a comment with a good excerpt (hell I will even accept bad ones) or tags that you think are appropriate. Go right ahead, I will copy your words verbatim.

There is so much acidic hate and bitterness in my veins right now they are probably dissolving as I type.

Of course what makes the sting more agonizing is that I have once again failed in my duty of “almost daily”. Part of me says that I should just give up on that idea and make it “Irregular Ranting”, that way it will sound more like an angry bowl movement that any sort of -real- commitment to substantial writing. Then again, I am generally proud of a solidly angry  bowl movement. It often means that some of the vitriol¹ is being purged from my system. Then again, it could just be the same as any other oil change. Flush the old used stuff to make room for newer and cleaner stuff. Which would be weird, because such purges happen almost weekly, and I seriously doubt that I get 15K Miles out of any given tank.

I digress.

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